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Conference Handouts

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IDC's 2013 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Predictions: Emerging Issues
Driven by the IT Financial Footprint
Joseph Pucciarelli, Vice President & IT Executive Advisor

For CFO's their worst problems are typically the ones they do not know about or didn't see coming. In today's presentation, we explore a range of emerging, IT-related finance issues, share case studies and provide guidance on emerging IT finance issues including cloud computing, big data/predictive analytics, mobility and social business technologies. We will also discuss the 10 most critical IT financial management topics crucial to your CFO's agenda in 2013.

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Mapping IT Financial Management
Terence Okus, Principal Consultant
EMC Consulting

This session will expose you to a visual approach for creating an IT Financial Management process. Rapid design of an IT Financial Management process can be accomplished through the use of unique Process Modeling tools, as well as stalwart visual design tool standards, such as Microsoft Viso. However, an exciting alternative exists in the form of Mind Mapping software. Mind Mapping is an expression of Radiant Thinking, which involves a central idea with associative points. Through Mind Mapping, it’s possible to illustrate complex ideas and concepts that might otherwise become lost in verbal explanation. Through the application of Radiant Thinking and Mind Mapping, IT Financial Managers have the ability to not only manage large and complex datasets, but to produce visual systems for conducting and presenting in-depth analytics. Using Mind Mapping software in conjunction with a Radiant Thinking methodology, a visually appealing design will be created for dependency mapping, impact analysis and subsequent swim-lane modeling. This visual analytics approach to presenting complex ideas will help inspire you to look at process creation, analytics and decision support in a new light. This session is geared for all IT Financial Management professionals who are looking for innovative ways of presenting complex information. At the conclusion of the session, you will have been exposed to the use of Mind Mapping software for the purpose of creating a Financial Management process and the procedure to obtain either a licensed or open source software solution.

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Communication Skills for IT Finance
Bob Simko, Executive Director
International Technology Group

Reviews common problems experienced by IT professionals and business/finance professionals in communicating with each other. Draws upon a variety of sources, including industry surveys and examples that illustrate these problems. Outlines techniques for more effective presentation of problems, proposals and results. Demonstrates that better management communication can materially improve the career paths of finance and IT professionals.

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Bring Your Own Device and Expense Management
Kevin Donoghue, President

Chances are you’re feeling the pressure from your user base to allow any and all types of devices to access enterprise applications and data. You’re not alone. According to Gartner, the rise in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs is the single most radical shift in the economics of client computing for businesses since PCs invaded the workplace. However, before you open the floodgates, you need to realize that while BYOD may be beneficial for some, it’s not for everyone. And, once you do implement a BYOD program at your organization – the cost of managing it is still as important as if you were paying the bill. This session will cover topics including: 

  • Designing a BYOD policy that fits your organizational objectives
  • Centralizing the management of an ongoing program
  • Tracking the expense and success of your BYOD program

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How To Do IT Chargeback
Peter Hidalgo Jr., Senior Manager
Ernst & Young

This presentation covers the key components of how to design and implement an effective IT chargeback program. Key topics will include guiding principles, the various types of chargeback models, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and a review of our chargeback development methodology.

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How To Outsource IT Infrastructure So That It Meets Your Goals
John Maxim, President
Maxelerate Systems Ltd.

After consulting with over 100 of the Fortune 500 corporations, we have noticed that none of them is satisfied with their outsourced IT infrastructure. So much so that we have noticed a trend to seriously consider bringing their IT infrastructure back in house, which some have actually accomplished. While some individuals have expressed satisfaction, they have usually been those who had a stake in showing that the outsourcer is performing correctly while the rest of the organization is dissatisfied. This presentation is based on our experience in helping many organizations improve the performance of the outsourcer. It will show you a rational and logical process that covers infrastructure outsourcing from the initial decision making through to selection, transition and ongoing implementation.

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