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ITFMA Online Conference Agenda

IT Finance Boot Camp Workshop (7 hours)

Robert Mischianti, Vice President, Nicus Software, Inc.

Overview of IT financial management covering IT spend, IT technologies, common IT finance accounting practices and emerging challenges facing IT Finance organizations.

Zero Base Budgeting and How It Contributes to Improving the Value of IT (45 minutes)

Patrick Savard, Principal, Savard Solutions, LLC

An effective assessment approach using Zero Base Budgeting that starts from a zero base and analyzes expenses and resources for their value.

Using Benchmarking as a Cost Reduction Approach (45 minutes)

Jim Dubberly, Global Logistician, IBM

Use of competitive benchmarking to obtain cost reductions across IT and business operations.

IT and Finance = Cloudy or Clear? (45 minutes)

Penny Collen, Financial Solutions Architect, Cloud Cruiser

New budget and expense monitoring processes to replace skill sets and tools that no longer work in the cloud environment.

IT Chargeback: A Critical Weapon In The Blame Game (45 minutes)

Jason Byrd, Director, KPMG

How companies are tackling IT chargeback, their aspirations, and things that can make chargeback successful in providing financial transparency.

A Service Framework to Run IT Like a Business (45 minutes)

Nancy Braun, CEO/Founder, Thavron Solutions

An actionable path to IT services and service portfolio management that provide business capabilities that have an impact on the bottom line.

Digital Transformation is Reshaping Your Enterprise; Be Part of the Solution (45 minutes)

Joseph Pucciarelli, Program Director, IDC

How Digital Transformation is shaping business outcomes and the role IT financial managers can play to help shape their enterprise's successful outcomes.

Application Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Journey (45 minutes)

Pete Hidalgo, Sr. Manager & Shashank Aggarwal, IT Advisory Manager, Ernst & Young

Achieving financial transparency by implementing an application TCO approach and integrating it into a chargeback model.

How to Take the Mystery Out of Calculating the True Cost of IT Services

Brian Stedman, Director of Product Management, ComSci by Upland

Developing a very effective data service portfolio, unit costing, pricing and planning infrastructure for your IT organization.

TCO is so 1990's - Welcome to Total Cost of Service (45 minutes)

Bill Kirwin, Founder, International Institute of IT Economics

The new chart of accounts and forensic approach required to manage IT finances as we adopt Virtualization, Cloud, BYOD, consumerism, mobility and defined services.

The Hybrid IT Environment: The New Normal (45 minutes)

Penny Collen, Financial Solutions Architect, Cloud Cruiser

Consumption-based service management to more easily conceptualize and enact cloud deployment plans with increased success.

Implementing a Service Catalog Users Will Love (45 minutes)

Robert Stroud, VP Strategy & Innovation, CA Technologies

Implementing a catalog of services defined in business terms with full cost/prices, SLA transparency and delivered where, when, and how they are needed.

IT Infrastructure Economic Transparency (45 minutes)

Ryan Kraudel, Director, 6fusion

A new IT infrastructure language to create transparency, promote fact-based decisions, provide ability to benchmark internally/externally, and de-politicize the procurement process.

Business and Software License Optimization (45 minutes)

David Haines, Sales & Alliances Director, VMware and

Daniel Anderson, Solution Architect, Flexera Software

Best practices for identifying software consumers, under/over-utilization, consumption charges, and deployment cost.

IT Financial Management for Government Agencies (45 minutes)

Anurag Bahal, Director. KPMG

A service-based model to improve government financial transparency with consistent IT terminology, accountability, and business-IT resource linkages.

Expense Management in High Growth Environments (45 minutes)

Pia Wakefield, Technology Business Management Lead, Red Hat

Applying principles of simplification, education, access and transparency to raise financial awareness and improve IT cost control and predictability.

Best Practices for Benchmarking Your IT Budget (45 minutes)

Frank Scavo, President, Computer Economics, Inc.

Defines peer groups, selects key metrics, understand variations by industry/organization size, analyze gaps, and translates findings into actions.

Budgeting IT Budgets Using IT Demand Forecasts (45 minutes)

Christopher Dedera, Manager, KPMG

Creating future-looking IT budgets based on demand forecasts for IT services (not based on traditional historical data).

Using IT Financial Management to Accelerate and Drive Decisions (45 minutes)

Louis Jerome, Managing Director, SteelGlass Consulting

Using ITFM as a decision driver focused on tangible results for cost reduction, investment/portfolio analysis, IT strategy and benchmarking.

Managing Cloud Resources in Compliance with Government Regulations (45 minutes)

Penny Collen, Financial Solutions Architect, Cloud Cruiser

Consumption based service management and chargeback subject to government accounting rules in a shared resource environment.

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